Business Unusual

Doing Business Unusual Since 2010

I believe that “doing well” as an individual or a company, also means doing good. I call it "Business Unusual" and I make it my mission to use my gifts and influence for good.

The “stewardship of influence” is a concept Rick Warren speaks of in his best-selling book, The Purpose-Driven Life. He says, “In giving our lives away, we find our own significance”, and I have found that he is right.

The gift of influence is not for our own power or net worth. The gift of influence is for seeing, speaking up for, and empowering others in dignifying ways that make a positive impact on their lives. What would the world be like if we used our gifts of influence for good?

My company was founded in 2008, and I have been conducting Business Unusual since January 2010. Every year since, more than 10% of my time and resources go toward affecting change both at home and globally.

I've known Beene since she was six. She is one of our sponsored children in Zambia. She is now 21 and studying to become a nurse.

“Your life is defined by its opportunities… even the ones you miss.”

~ The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

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